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Gravity Desanders


Get Production Peace of Mind

Solve your sand problems at the source with our well sand removal Desander. Rely on SDI, the industry’s most trusted, most effective, most experienced and most reliable sand separator  solution. SDI’s technology works under a broad range of conditions, and does not require any special metallurgy or sand filtration device. This lets SDI’s equipment go places that other Desanders can’t, making sure you are taken care of for all of your sand control and solids control issues.

desanders-brochureSDI Desanders remove the sand using a patented velocity reduction process. The application of basic physics and fluid dynamics principals allows produced fluids and gas to pass through the device while virtually all solid particles collect on the bottom. We use a proprietary engineering program to ensure we have the right solution to manage your well flow conditions.

The SDI Advantage

Specialized Desanders is a complete sand management and erosion control service provider; we are not a fabrication shop or a “re-seller” that will supply equipment and pass on maintenance or replacement part fees. We also have no minimum time commitment.  The following is a list of advantages that SDI desanders offer:

  • No filters, Bags or pressure drops across the vessel – This means unobstructed well flow that will not hydrate or wax off. This also eliminates the need for expensive differential pressure instrumentation to insure vessel integrity.
  • No centrifugal velocity increases or sacrificial deflector plates – This eliminates erosion inside our vessels and equipment. This downtime and cost are passed on to the producer in other technologies.
  • Custom unit performance design unique to well conditions – SDI has the industry leading level of expertise in erosion management and Desander design. We have provided Desanding services for over 200 producers and have over 36,500 unit months of Desanding experience to provide you.
  • Industry leading Sand capacity – We design Desanders with up to 4200 pounds of sand capacity, no other design comes close. This minimizes downtime, cleanouts and costs while maximizing production.

Industry Unique Sand Sentry sand production monitoring – This technology enables producers to view sand production remotely through their SCADA system or utilize our web-based system provided. This is the only product on the market that gives producers a sand production value; this enables the producer to decide when to remove the Desander safely and also evaluate and monitor Fracturing techniques and efficiencies.


How It Works

Free Preliminary Assessment

Get in touch with one of SDI’s desanding professionals to determine which desanding strategy and products will perform best for your project.