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Installation and Clean Out


We provide free orientation and training services for Well Operators in the safe operation and servicing of the desander.


The Desander is installed as close to the well head as possible, ahead of the production equipment, to allow gas wells to be produced under sand producing conditions that would normally be damaging. Installed at the wellsite, SDI Desanders remove fracturing proppants and produced sand from the production fluid, preventing uncontrolled or accidental releases of hydrocarbons that might occur with erosion damage.

Part of our service promise to you is desander installation. When we ship our desander out to your wellsite, we also send a trained and certified technician to ensure the desander is safely and efficiently installed. After installation, we stay to ensure the desander is performing at optimal levels. Our free orientation and training services ensure your onsite staff is well versed in the operation and maintenance of the desanders.

Clean Out

When to clean: The Sand Sentry monitoring system will send a warning via email and/or SMS when the vessel is reaching capacity. At this point, it’s the client’s responsibility to facilitate a clean out. Without the Sand Sentry technology installed, the client must establish a sand rate and develop a schedule around the predicted sand flow rating.

The industry’s only “TRUE” Closed Loop System!

Emission Free Flushing of Desanders is finally here!

Introducing Safety Clean – Emission Free Flushing of Desanders for a “TRUE” Closed Loop System! NO MORE opening vessels or scraping them out by hand!!! Contact us today to find out how!

How to manually clean: Firstly the unit must be isolated and depressurized. The desander can then be cleaned out manually using the supplied scraper.

How It Works Services

Free Preliminary Assessment

Get in touch with one of SDI’s desanding professionals to determine which desanding strategy and products will perform best for your project.