SynPOL Desanders

Shield your surface infrastructure from the hazards associated with particulate production using our durable barrier SynPOLTM Desander.

Specialized Desanders Inc. (SDI) SynPOLTM Desander was designed to replace our high capacity gravity Desanders following the initial production phase. In response to industry demand, this product was engineered to provide a reliable, long-term solution to allow for safe and economical operation of wells during mid to final production phases.


Key Features

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The SDI Advantage

  • Proprietary barrier design collects particulates as small as 75 micron, 100 micron and 200 micron
  • Differential pressure crush strength greater than 5,000 psi
  • Cleanouts made easy using back flushing
  • Pressure rating up to 6,000 psi
  • Barrier guaranteed against collapse, backed by full warranty
  • Proprietary barrier design collects particulates as small as 10 micron
  • Orientation and training services available
  • Safe for workers and the environment

Specialized Desanders is a complete sand management and erosion control service provider; we are not a fabrication shop or a “re-seller” that will supply equipment and pass on maintenance or replacement part fees.

How It Works