The SNDetector is a cutting-edge tool that provides real-time monitoring of sand in oil and gas piping.

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Key Features

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How It Works

The SNDetector allows for a local readout of sand production and a remote monitoring by website or smartphone app to keep everyone informed in real-time. This monitoring is critical as it allows situations to be addressed before issues arise, preventing costly and time-consuming equipment failures and downtime.



The Specialized Desanders SNDetector can monitor:

  • Well testing / flowback sand production rates
  • Determining when to release flowback and/or sand separators
  • Frac hits / communication
  • Isolating the source of particulate
  • Sand flowback profiling
  • Particulate in piping
  • Long-term intermittent sand production
  • Independent measurements of particulate to validate flowback reports
  • Determine efficiency of sand traps
  • Gas quality compliance (particulate zero)
  • Piping integrity / degradation
  • 1502 connections and ANSI TBD