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How It Works


SDI is the industry’s most trusted and most effective sand management solution. We’ve logged more than 35,000 well months of sand protection service across the globe, not including units sold. Our experience and reliability are unrivalled by any Competitor. SDI’s compact Desander, designed for oil and gas wells producing frac sand and formation sand, allows wells to flow under sand-producing conditions that would otherwise damage production equipment.


SDI installs its patented Desander upstream from customers’ surface equipment to remove sand and other particulates such as asphalts and free precipitates, from natural gas and liquid streams. SDI’s Desander works by changing the flow parameters, reducing the flow velocities to the point where the sand drops out while gas and fluids are carried through. This process involves no bags, filters, screens and virtually no pressure drop.

Specialized Desanders function effectively over a broad range of flowrates. Sized to work with high initial rates, they are also able to handle the higher gas phase velocities that develop as production continues and flow pressures drop. This mechanism allows the same equipment to remain in service despite changing conditions. For wells with continuing sand production, The SDI Desander will protect your surface equipment throughout, which is why our experience and reliability are unrivalled by any competitor.

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