Horizontal Desanders

Solve your sand problems at the source with the industry’s most effective and reliable sand management solution.

Design highlights

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Performance Highlights

Specialized Desanders function effectively over a broad range of flowrates. Sized to work with high initial rates, they are also able to handle the higher gas phase velocities that develop as production continues and flow pressures drop. This mechanism allows the same equipment to remain in service despite changing conditions.

  • Pressure ratings 9930 kPa – 41, 370 kPa
  • Temperature ratings -20 °F & -50 °F (Heated units available)
  • Registered ASME, ABSA & National Board Certified
  • Sweet & Sour Service Models
  • Compatible with Sand Sentry™ Monitoring
  • Eliminates Flaring
  • No Pressure Drop
  • Compact, Portable Size
  • Easy Servicing & Minimal Clean Out Time
  • Zero Emissions
  • High Sand Capacity
  • Manual and Closed Loop


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