About SDI

Calgary-based SDI has provided well desanding services since 2001 and is the only Canadian service company that provides well desanding as its exclusive service.

SDI is currently expanding rapidly into new markets in the U.S. and International, doubling our fleet in the past three years. At SDI, we care about the environment. Our sand removal process safely recovers frac and formation sand with zero emissions. This process allows our customers to operate without flaring, which can be environmentally damaging.

The Most Trusted Sand Solution

For more than 15 years we have earned the trust of our clients by solving their most challenging sand dilemmas. We have the industry’s largest fleet of desander units.

The best protection can only come from units that fit the specific parameters of your well. Anything less is a compromise that jeopardizes worker and equipment safety.

As well pressures and frac operations continue to intensify, we continually engineer new equipment to help you maximize production. Our desanders routinely operate in conditions that cause competitors’ equipment to fail. At Specialized Desanders Inc., we are dedicated to providing high-pressure sand recovery services. SDI (formerly Specialized Tech) has been the industry leader for over 17 years. Our primary intention is to help oil and gas well operators save money and keep their wells operating no matter how challenging the conditions.

The High Stakes of Sand

Sand continuously blasts away at your mission-critical equipment. It can inflict expensive damage and shut down production for weeks at a time. The risks range from $10,000 seals and $30,000 pumps to regulatory intolerance and multi-million dollar catastrophic failures.

We Stop Sand at the Wellhead

Specialized Desanders Inc. (SDI) stops sand right at the source before it can inflict any damage at the well site or downstream. We’ve been protecting workers and processing facilities from the devastating power of sand since 2001.

Relentless Engineering

SDI is a relentless engineering firm, from our highly experienced field operators, to our very knowledgeable engineers. Our exclusive focus is sand extraction from oil and gas wells. Our technology has earned more than 20 patents worldwide. It is the standard used to judge all other sand companies.


SDI is the industry’s most trusted and most effective sand management solution. We’ve logged more than 36,500 well months of sand protection service across the globe, not including units sold. Our experience and reliability are unrivaled by any competitor.

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