Our largest desander to date, made for high sand producing wells and maximum sand capacity.

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Key Features

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How It Works

The MegaPOL is Specialized Desanders’ largest desander engineered to date. Tipping the scales at 2350kg sand capacity, this equipment piece is designed for high production wells with tonnes of sand.

MegaPOL has flexible clean out options available. Operators can clean out the unit using a manual or automatic process. Inquire with our SDI team on flush clean out or automated options.


  • 5C (150F) MAWT
  • 2350kg (5176 lbs) Sand Capacity
  • 1322L (349gal) Liquid Capacity
  • 8” tie in and out
  • No Collapse
  • 400F(200C) Maximum Plate Temperature
  • Long Term Solution
  • Sweet & Sour Service
  • Sand Sentry Compatible
  • Eliminates Flaring
  • Manual or Automatic Cleanout
  • Zero Emissions Capable
  • Warranty Against Collapse

Product Specifications

Model:MegaPOL 25204A
MAWP (kPa): 9652 kPa
Sand Capacity: 2348 kg
Spec Sheet