The SDI Advantage

Specialized Desanders is a complete multiphase sand management and erosion control equipment provider. For almost 20 years, we have been engineering leading desander products for the North American and international oil and gas industry with a focus on innovative solutions that perform best in class.

SDI Desanders have earned 20 worldwide patents, earning the trust of our clients by solving challenging sand dilemmas. Following the success of the horizontal desander, we have expanded our product line by launching the SynPOL™ Series in 2018, a second phase well solution for a wider variety of well situations. By offering sand data management through our Sand Sentry™, our clients can closely monitor and track real time sand capture remotely, maximizing operation effectiveness.

Working With Us

  • Custom Unit Performance
  • Serviced over 200 Producers
  • Over 39,000 Months of Sand Performance
  • Up to 4200 lbs of Sand Capacity
  • Custom Well Site Engineering
  • Local Sales Support
  • Large Fleets in both Canada and USA