What some of our customers have to say:

“Effective sand solution with no removable parts. Easy to use and maintain.”

“Ranks SDI as the Highest Value Sand Separator Provider in the industry.”

“Quick reaction time when extra unit was needed. Good service providers.”

“We appreciate SDI’s service and responsiveness.”

Case Studies

Capture Methane Emissions and Innovate to Net Zero

The New Mexico Energy Department & NM Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department are in the process of developing rules for operators to reduce methane emissions. As of Aug. 5, the O&G industry must comply with requirements to; audit operations, ensure compliance, and disclose violations. A New Mexico flowback operator contacted Specialized Desanders USA Inc. to discuss the long term implications of not adhering to energy department regulations to reduce…

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97.8% Reduction in Fugitive Emissions

As the industry leader in Desanding technology, SDI has taken an aggressive and proactive approach to meet the challenge of reduced emissions during flowback and initial production. With our unique ability to measure/monitor the sand inside the vessel in real-time, in conjunction with high sand storage capacities, our Desanders are cleaned out only as needed and release only a finite and predictable amount of gas with each blowdown. Precise data…

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Comparing Horizontal Desanders and Spherical Sand Separators

A Northern BC well operator compared SDI Desanders and spherical sand separators on a two well pad side by side trial. On Well A, the SDI Desander was upstream of the spherical sand separator, and on Well B, SDI was downstream of the spherical sand separator. In this study, SDI outperformed the spherical sand separator capturing more sand overall and a higher percentage of sand. Read the full case study:…

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MegaPOL Barrier Desander Field Trial

Specialized Desanders MegaPOL was installed on an Alberta well site to gather quality research and development. Highlights: • 99.8% of particulate captured • 200L (52.8gal) of particulate stopped • Particulate stopped below 1 micron     Stacked Barrier Plates inside the MegaPOL   The bulk of the particulate is between 25 and 135 microns. The chart identifies the particulate size in microns along the X-Axis and the volume percentage on the…

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Sand Sentry Saves Producer $30,000 in Damages

A Northwest Alberta producer thought they were not seeing much sand in their Desanders and as such was considering removing the Desanders from their wells in an active completions area. SDI worked with the client to install the SDI Sand Sentry system to measure sand production on these wells as well as some nearby fracked wells to see if and where sand was still an issue. The producer using the…

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Polymer Gel Capture SynPOL Trial

SDI SynPOL was installed at a problematic AB well site for a 16 day trial. The well produced fluid consisting of 15°API oil with gel-polymer-water solution with intermittent slugging. Highlights: •Differential Pressure staying below 100psi •Bringing the well online without causing issues at the plant A 21007A SynPOL was installed on a wellsite in Alberta. Installation was completed and the well started up on October 3, 2019; the SynPOL was…

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Client Saves 55% on Flowback and Initial Production

Specialized Desanders saved a client, in Ohio, 55% on their monthly cost of turn-in-line and initial production flowback operations. Client now hits maximum production rates within a few days 100% of the time and routinely sets 90-day IP records as a result. HIGHLIGHTS 55% Overall Cost Savings 90% Reduction in Total Washout Costs Reduced Manpower by 60% Job Length Reduced by 30% Data-Driven Decisions Max Gas Rate Achieved 100% of…

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High Performance Despite Salinity Crystalization

Our Specialized Desanders Inc. client was working on the flowback on 7 newly drilled wells in AB. In the initial flow back phase, the client was experiencing high salinity water. Salt would collect when it passed through the filter, causing the filter to plug and reduce the flow of materials. The client was using a stainless-steel wire wrapped filter. In consultation with the SDI team, they decided to test a…

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Floating Particulate Found

The Specialized Desanders Inc client was using a gravity-based Desander and there was evidence of floating particulate upon a field inspection. When fluid was drained from the Desander and into the containment tub, the particulate was still floating on the surface of the fulid over 24 hours later. This floating particulate showed up months after the well had already been in production. When the SynPOL was installed the production rates…

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Sporadic Flow Rates on Wells

The Specialized Desanders Inc. client was operating 4 wells through a single test separator, 3 plunger lifts, and one pump jack. This case study was found to be unique because the wells were operating at different cycle times resulting in sporadically very high instatnaneous flow rates and varying amounts of flow through the SynPOL barrier. Well production rates spike with the cycling plunger lift and pump jack. This resulted in…

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