What some of our customers have to say:

“Effective sand solution with no removable parts. Easy to use and maintain.”

“Ranks SDI as the Highest Value Sand Separator Provider in the industry.”

“Quick reaction time when extra unit was needed. Good service providers.”

“We appreciate SDI’s service and responsiveness.”

Case Studies

Specialized Desanders’ 62020 Replaces Four Hydro Cyclones in New Mexico

Specialized Desanders 62020 replaces four Hydro Cyclones in New Mexico saving money and stopping all the sand flowed back to the surface: On a job with a Flowback partner, a Specialized Desanders Model 62020 replaced two 10k Hydro cyclones and two 5k Hydro cyclones. To verify the performance of our Gravity Desander, they installed one 5k Hydro cyclone downstream of the Desander, which did not see any sand. By stopping…

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SynPOLTM Delivers Solution When Nothing Else Could

A Central US Producer was having difficulty finding a solution that would work for their well. The pressure differential across the SynPOL barrier was measured at a peak of 20 PSIG over a one month period, with a typical differential of 3 PSIG. The frac sand encountered was a blend of 40/70 mesh and 100 mesh. Our high flow rate barrier operated with ZERO degradation of filtering capacity, without any…

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100000 lbs of Sand Stopped in SDI Desanders in 132 hours

A client wanted to utilize our Desanders for drill out operations. The flowback separator was bypassed during the drill out because of fear of sand erosion. For the operation, cast plugs would be drilled out 5-6 at a time with a bottoms-up circulation after the set of drilling (each set of 5-6 plugs). We set two SDI model 62020 Desanders in parallel so that we could clean one of the…

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NE USA Specialized Desanders Sand Sentry Data

NE USA Specialized Desanders Sand Sentry data used to compare frac sand concentratin per well to surface sand production: A North-East US company completed 5 wells on a pad using different sand concentrations per stage in different wells. On flowback, each well flowed to an SDI model 62020 Desander equipped with the SDI Sand Sentry System to determine sand produced on flowback and inital production. The data was quite surprising…

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Replacing Steel Wire Mesh Filter Units in The Alberta Montney

An aggressive producer in northwestern Alberta rented some steel mesh filter units. Upon bringing the wells into production, the high production rates of liquid, gas & wax caused the screens to collapse and fail. The producer was forced to try and operate the vessels without a filter element in order to try and produce their wells safely and efficiently. After experiencing significant equipment failure and erosion due to sand downstream…

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