The Specialized Desanders Inc. client was operating 4 wells through a single test separator, 3 plunger lifts, and one pump jack. This case study was found to be unique because the wells were operating at different cycle times resulting in sporadically very high instatnaneous flow rates and varying amounts of flow through the SynPOL barrier. Well production rates spike with the cycling plunger lift and pump jack. This resulted in differential pressure through the filter also spiking. Under these well conditions, they were producing as much as 1000 m3/day instantaneously of oil/water from the Cardium zone.

When all 4 wells cycled at the same time through our SynPOL 21007 we experiencded a 600kPa differential. We guarantee our SynPOL barrier against collapse with differential pressure up to 41,368 kPa or 6000psi. This model is very efficient at high liquid rates. Because of the corrugated design of our SynPOLbarrier we have about 4 times more surface area than a traditional wedge wire filter with the same outisde diameter. We completed a particle size distribution test by laser from an accredited lab, this SDI SynPOL was able to stop particles smaller than 15 micron.

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