The Specialized Desanders Inc client was using a gravity-based Desander and there was evidence of floating particulate upon a field inspection. When fluid was drained from the Desander and into the containment tub, the particulate was still floating on the surface of the fulid over 24 hours later. This floating particulate showed up months after the well had already been in production.

When the SynPOL was installed the production rates of the well were around 160-180 E3/m3/d gas, 18 m3/d condensate/water 50/50 cut and 3800 kPa flowing pressure. The intial differential pressure after the first SynPOL back flush clean out was around 37 kPa through the SynPOL.

This resulted in one of the best performances to date, particles blocked were below 1 micron. They SynPOL barrier was able to stop the gel emulsion/polymer that started to show up approximately 9 months after the well was put into production.

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