High Performance Despite Salinity Crystalization

Our Specialized Desanders Inc. client was working on the flowback on 7 newly drilled wells in AB. In the initial flow back phase, the client was experiencing high salinity water. Salt would collect when it passed through the filter, causing the filter to plug and reduce the flow of materials.

The client was using a stainless-steel wire wrapped filter. In consultation with the SDI team, they decided to test a SynPOL 41210 high capacity Desander to compare against the current model they were using onsite. SynPOL models are designed with a molded physical barrier that acts as a filter, allowing liquids to flow through and particles intercepted by the barrier.

In this specific case, salt was present in the flow back water. Salt buildup can cause the pressure differential to rise to the point that flow is restricted.

Conventional filters clog up to the point where flow is impeded or completely closed off due to the salt adhering to the steel filters, as it hardens and cakes on like plaque.

The SynPOL design allows for flushing with water or the use of back pressure, to clean out the barrier. In this case, the salt flaked off the outside of the barrier when back pressure awas pplied.

It was able to perform in this matter due to the material design of the SynPOL barrier.

(gas production : 420 – 480 e3m3/day      liquid production: w/190 – 290 m3/day)

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