Client Saves 55% on Flowback and Initial Production

Specialized Desanders saved a client, in Ohio, 55% on their monthly cost of turn-in-line and initial production flowback operations. Client now hits maximum production rates within a few days 100% of the time and routinely sets 90-day IP records as a result.


  • 55% Overall Cost Savings
  • 90% Reduction in Total Washout Costs
  • Reduced Manpower by 60%
  • Job Length Reduced by 30%
  • Data-Driven Decisions
  • Max Gas Rate Achieved 100% of the Time
  • Routinely Breaks 90-day IP Records
  • Elimination of ALL Sand-related NPT
  • Reduced Overall Gas Emissions
  • Total Sand Protection of Equipment/Facilities
  • Reliable, Real-Time Sand Production Data
  • Smaller Flowback Spread Footprint
  • No More Sand-Related Well Shut-Ins


Pre-SDI Flowback Rig Up

Current Rig-Up Resulting in 55% Cost Savings

An Ohio operator began implementing model 62020 gravity Desanders to mitigate the effects of sand on their flowback operations. Over several step-change improvements, the client has eliminated the need for all other sand control on site, choke manifolds, test separators, 60% of on-site manpower requirement, and all sand-related non-productive time. They have reduced washout charges 90% on average and have shortened the length of the flowback phase by approximately 30% through the leveraging of reliable, real-time, sand production data.

This was accomplished through incremental improvements to the rig-up, production tree configuration, and operational procedure. The following is an outline of the iterative flowback design implementations to reach current efficiencies:

1. Pre-SDI – Iron, Sand Trap, Choke Manifold, Test Separator, 5-man Crew
Significant Washouts

2.Trial Phase – Iron, Desander, Sand Trap, Choke Manifold, 5-man Crew
50% Washout Savings 12% Monthly Cost Reduction vs. Pre-SDI Method

3.Further Improvement -Iron, Desander, Choke Manifold, 4-man Crew
67% Cumulative Washout Savings 27% Monthly Cost Reduction vs. Pre-SDI Method

4. Desander Only – Iron, Desander, 3-man Crew, Bobcat Rental
83% Cumulative Washout Savings 49% Monthly Cost Reduction vs. Pre-SDI Method

5. Bypass/Pump Added – Iron, Desanders, 2-man Crew, Pump/Hoses
90% Cumulative Washout Savings 55% Monthly Cost Reduction vs. Pre-SDI Method

Because of Specialized Desanders’ ability to stop 99+% of the sand produced from the well, the client can ramp up as quickly as possible to their desired maximum gas rate without risk of washing out flowback equipment, production tree components, or permanent production facilities. With the total elimination of sand-related non-productive time, well productivity is maximized and flowback operations can be streamlined to increase overall cost-eciency. Also, because SDI’s Sand Sentry Measurement System provides accurate, real-time, sand production data, the decision can be made to release flowback crews, flowback equipment, and Desanders earlier and with confidence, based on quantitative measures, to reduce the overall turn-in-line costs and minimize the probability of sand-related downtime after the well is turned over to production.

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