The SynPOL replaced an impingement style sand separator for a Central US Producer who was having difficulty finding a solution that would work for their high-temperature 150°F (65°C) well.

The pressure differential across the SynPOLbarrier was measured at a peak of 20 PSIG, with a typical differential of 3 PSIG. The SynPOL was on site for 4 months of service between 2 sites.

The frac sand encountered was a blend of 40/70 mesh and 100 mesh. The high flow rate barrier operated with ZERO degredation of filtering capacity and without any increase in pressure differential allowing the client to produce gas at optimal rates and still capture all of the sand.

The impingement style unit could not reliably handle the fine sand being encountered in the well. The SynPOL was 100% effective at removing all of the sand encountered during the trial with zero evidence of any carry-over in downstream piping and production separator.

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