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Sand Separating

SDI’s compact Desander allows wells to flow under sand-producing conditions that would otherwise damage production equipment.

Well Desanders

Real Time Monitoring

Sand Sentry allows you to monitor your sand production automatically and notifies you when cleanouts are required.

Sand Sentry Monitoring

Onsite Training

We provide onsite training, inspection, service & integrity inspections at no additional cost, to ensure maximum uptime with minimal effort.


Well Sand Removal Specialists


With the growing prevalence of fracing in our industry over the last decade, many operators experience issues with sand production both initially and long term on their wells. If not properly managed, this causes havoc on surface equipment leading to failures and downtime. Leaving testers on until a well cleans up entirely is not economic in most cases. This is where our concept was developed as a method to produce wells safely and efficiently at a lower cost. SDI offers a wide range of sand management solutions to protect all the above ground infrastructure.


At Specialized Desanders Inc., we are dedicated to providing high-pressure sand recovery services. SDI (formerly Specialized Tech) has been the industry leader for over 15 years. Our primary intention is to help oil and gas well operators save money and keep their wells operating no matter how challenging the conditions.

  • Patented equipment and process
  • Web-based sand production monitoring system
  • Easy servicing / minimal clean out time
  • Eliminates flaring
  • No pressure drop
  • Zero emissions
  • High sand capacity

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