Specialized desanders for any oil and gas well


Sometimes when you order a product of any sort, you want to familiarize yourself with the way the product works. The purpose here is to introduce the process of desanding.

In a step by step fashion, you will get an inside look of the process of multiphase desanding achieved by the innovative technology in sand separators and specialized desanders.

Let’s take apart the process and the components of the desanding operation. The main purpose of the operation is the removal of sand and other solids from the drilling equipment and the fluids. Purifying the fluids is a necessary step after the development and extraction of oil and gas from a well. The completion of this process is achieved in a multiphase desanding operation that involves a variety of different processes and specialized desanders equipment. Here we describe some of the units involved in the process.

  1. One way to get the job done is with the wellhead desander. In layman’s terms, the wellhead desander uses our knowledge of physics and the concept of gravity in order to separate the liquid from the solids. Upon entering the wellhead desander, the flow of the substance is drastically reduced. The reduced velocity of the flow allows the sand and other solids to separate from the liquid and drop to the bottom of the unit, where the gas and/or liquids flow onward into the system.
  2. In order to have a multiphase desanding operation we need more than one processer. So we have the sand separators. As the name implies, the sand separators separate the sand from the liquid. This system also utilizes the velocity reduction process in order to advance the fluids and eliminate the heavier solid particles. By doing so, early on in the process the bigger solid parts are removed so that they cannot cause damage to the equipment.

Although we only mention two of the main components of a whole system, you get the idea behind the desanding process. It is all about the purity of the fluids/gas and the protection of the equipment. You just discovered one way to ensure the protection of your equipment plus an efficient way to clean the fluids and gas.

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