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The west coast of Canada has a well developed oil and gas industry.

Every day the extraction of oil and gas from the soil calls for new advances in the field to protect the environment and the workers. The ever-developing industry is in high demand of innovative and adequate equipment and ideas. Specialized Desanders Inc. is one of the companies that answered the call.

How is Specialized Desanders Inc. different from other companies in industry?
Dedication. Innovation. Growth.


Since 2001 the company has taken one operation and developed it into comprehensive multiphase solids control services. Although the Alberta and BC have an abundance of natural recourses, it is not an easy job to extract those recourses. It takes years of experience and designs to achieve well operating and complete solids control services. It is not a matter of creating one piece of equipment and installing it. A good company sees the process from beginning to end, designs and installs multiple systems to get the job done.


A top solids control services company never stops developing. Every time a problem occurs, a solution should be generated. For example, many of the users of desanders wonder how much sand deposits have accumulated in the tank. Specialized Desanders Inc. came up with the sand sentry technology to address this problem. The sand sentry is an innovative web based monitoring system that allows the operator to monitor the collection of sand in the unit. This solution saves time and money because it alerts to the right moment for cleaning out the tank, thus avoiding damage and wasted effort.


An adequate service support and timely implementation are crucial components of a company’s image, especially in places with highly developed industry, such as Alberta and British Columbia in the oil and gas sector. Therefore, a progressive company needs to adjust its services to the demand. SDI is no exception. With dedication and innovative thinking, they have implemented desanders in Alberta in the most crucial wells. In sites where sands have been a constant problem before, the desanders across Alberta have supported and protected wells, environment and the equipment of multiple companies. Not only does SDI support already existing systems, their units are utilized for new sites. The installation of desanders in BC is a perfect example of this. The growth of the company is obvious. Starting from designing and installing desanders across Alberta, SDI has evolved and adapted to multiple terrains in the development and implementation of desanders in BC.

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