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As you are well aware, on a daily bases we are bombarded with news and discoveries. Living in Alberta, the developments in the oil and gas sector is of foremost importance for more than half of the province’s industry.

And the news come from all sides – extraction companies, solids control companies, equipment companies, etc. Sometimes it is hard and overwhelming to sift through the new information, and thus some of it can get lost. The solid control system is such an item that can easily get lost in the sea of information. However, it is an important part of the oil and gas sector and it deserves a little bit more attention.

Everything begins with the solid control companies

Once you have the problem (i.e. the destructive effects of solids in the natural recourses), you work on developing a solution. In this particular case, you want to eliminate the damage and contamination of sand and other solids from the oil and gas extraction process. Because there is a problem, a solution emerges. After the solution is proposed, the solid control companies develop that idea into specific solids control equipment. With time the solids control equipment is modeled to fit the particular environment and specific circumstances.

Still, the picture remains too big to make specific sense to the consumer. So let’s break it down further. We have the idea, the development, and now we are going to focus on the implementation. In order to have a successful implementation, thus in order to make sure that the product does what it is supposed to do, the parts that create the whole need to be impeccable. Two of the most important parts of the solids control equipment are the desilter and desanders. The two parts do complimentary work to deliver clean product and protect the equipment. First, the oil/gas goes through the desanders. The role of the desanders is to catch and remove solids with a particular diameter. By doing this, the drilling rigs are protected from the build up of sand and other particulates and the drilling fluids remain clean. Once the desanders remove the bigger solids, the desilter removes the solids that are smaller in diameter and were omitted in the first round of clean up.

In order to have a complete and functional solid control system, you need all the parts to work together. No part should be overlooked in function and design. And although it is sometimes hard to understand the relationship between the different parts, it should be clear how the whole works together. When something works, you can see the advantages of the product without having to waste time sifting through newsfeeds and advertisements.

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