Specialized Desanders’ 62020 replaces four hydro cyclones in New Mexico

On a job with a Flowback partner, a Specialized Desanders Model 62020 replaced two 10k Hydro cyclones and two 5k Hydro cyclones. To verify the performance of our Gravity Desander, they installed one 5k Hydro cyclone downstream of the Desander, which did not see any sand.

By stopping all the sand with a single Desander, they were able to remove 4 inefficient vessels from their flowback operation. The Specialized Desanders Model 62020 quantified the sand produced from the well eliminating the variability in flowback reports of high, medium and low sand rates. Our Sand Sentry System provided a sand log digitally which could be viewed remotely and on site.

The operator is saving money by having less equipment on site, creating a safer worksite with fewer trip hazards. Most importantly, they are finally stopping ALL the sand and protecting their expensive surface facilities and pipelines from the hazards associated with sand in high-pressure multi-phase flows.