NE USA Specialized Desanders Sand Sentry Data

NE USA Specialized Desanders Sand Sentry data used to compare frac sand concentratin per well to surface sand production:

A North-East US company completed 5 wells on a pad using different sand concentrations per stage in different wells. On flowback, each well flowed to an SDI model 62020 Desander equipped with the SDI Sand Sentry System to determine sand produced on flowback and inital production. The data was quite surprising – some of the wells with the lower sand concentrations per stage produced more sand to surface than some of the wells with larger fracs.

Specialized Desanders’ Sand Sentry system is the only accurate sand measuring system on the market. With the Sand Sentry System, this client was able to quantitate sand production over time, which was matched up with production data. This data allows clients to know how much sand each well is producing, avoid sand carryover, and know when it is safe to remove the Desanders. The client could use the sand produced to surface data to optimize future fracs. If used correctly this data and optimization of future fracs has the ability for clients to save significantly on their frac costs and produce better wells both in the short term for IP, and the long term for hydrocarbons produced.

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