Special Features

SDI Desanders remove the sand using a patented velocity reduction process.

The application of basic physics and fluid dynamics principals allows produced fluids and gas to pass through the device while virtually all solid particles collect on the bottom.

Well Desander Features

Specialized Desanders function effectively over a broad range of flowrates. Sized to work with high initial rates, they are also able to handle the higher gas phase velocities that develop as production continues and flow pressures drop. This mechanism allows the same equipment to remain in service despite changing conditions.

  • Pressure ratings 9930 kPa – 41, 370 kPa
  • Temperature ratings -20 °F & -50 °F (Heated units available)
  • Registered ASME, ABSA & National Board Certified pressure vessels
  • Sweet & Sour service models available
  • Patented Equipment and Process
  • Allows monitoring of sand production with Sand SentryTM Monitoring
  • Eliminates flaring
  • No pressure drop
  • Compact portable size
  • Easy servicing / minimal clean out time
  • Zero emissions
  • Recovers sand and other particles such as asphalts and free precipitates
  • High sand capacity

Providing Peace Of Mind

SDI’s compact Desander, designed for oil and gas wells producing frac sand and formation sand, allows wells to flow under sand-producing conditions that would otherwise damage production equipment. Our desanders help prevent:

  • Erosion damage to equipment such as separators, piping, valves, and chokes
  • Uncontrolled flows
  • Pollution
  • Blowouts
  • Lost production
  • Clean up costs
  • Personnel hazards
  • Valve, controls and measurement equipment plugging
  • Regulator reporting issues