Supporting Community Food Banks This Holiday Season


We would usually be planning our holiday events and arranging gift baskets, sweet treats, and visits with our clients at this time of year. But, this year it’s different. With reduced travel restrictions and many of the areas we serve with heightened security measures, we have decided as a company to forego our regular seasonal events and give where it’s needed most.

Christmas can be a difficult time for families in need and we strive to offer a large hamper of quality food and presents for the children. Each year we spend approximately $10,000 on the Christmas Hamper Project and this involves many volunteer hours to make this happen. We expect a growing need this Christmas due to people out of work due to covid19. Thank you again for your support.
-Food Bank President

Food security is affecting thousands more this year, and there is an increase in demand. This year, we choose to support local food banks in the communities we serve and save the gatherings for another time. If you can help your local food bank, shelter, or toy drive this year, we hope you join us in the cause.