Special Features

SDI SynPOLTM Desanders

remove the sand using a 75 Micron Barrier.

SynPOLTM Desander Features

  • Differential pressure crush strength greater than 5,000 psi at temperatures to 400°F
  • Pressure rating up to 6,000 psi
  • Proprietary barrier available from sizes 10 to 200 micron
  • Barrier made from an inert material, capable of with standing H2S, C02, acids and other corrosive material
  • Barrier guaranteed against collapse, backed by full warranty
  • Allows for safe and efficient operation of sand-producing wells
  • Cost-effective long term sand protection solution
  • Registered ASME, ABSA & National Board certified pressure vessels
  • Sweet & Sour service models available
  • Patented Equipment and Process
  • Allows monitoring of sand production with Sand SentryTM Monitoring
  • Eliminates flaring
  • Cleanouts made easy using flowback flushing
  • Compact portable size
  • Easy servicing / minimal clean out time
  • Zero emissions
  • Recovers sand and other particles such as asphalts and free precipitates